Neewer NW-800 Review

Preview: Neewer NW-800 Professional Studio Broadcasting & Recording Microphone

Is the Neewer® NW-800 Professional Studio Broadcasting & Recording Microphone any good? Let's find out!

Why You Shouldn't Upgrade to Windows 10

A followup to our previous video - here's why you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10.

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

With the Windows 10 free upgrade deadline aright around the corner, should you upgrade now?

In my opinion you should upgrade today - just to save yourself the headache of paying for Windows again; but, there are some things to consider, especially the bugs and driver support of Windows 10.

What Graphics Card Should I Get for Streaming?

There are a lot of graphics cards out there, but the one you should get is, ultimately, the one that fits your budget.

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a graphics card:

Set a budget - we can all dream of getting a $10,000 gaming rig, but very few of us can actually afford that. Set a realistic budget for yourself - I recommend between $200 and $300 - and stick to it. Without setting a budget you could blow every last cent you have on a graphics card that you might regret.

Shoot for RAM - At a minimum I recommend 4GB of video RM. 6GB or 8GB would be even better.

Aim for Longevity - graphics cards have a shelf life, and eventually they will fail. In my experience the mid-range graphics cards tend to last the longest for the least amount of money - between 4 and 6 years. Spending anything more than that could break the bank when the card eventually fails.

Don't Freak Out - you're in this for the long haul, so don't freak out when a better piece of technology comes along. The tech industry lives on incremental upgrades to force you into an arms war. Don't fall for that! Instead, buy the best you can afford and stick it out - it'll be several years down the line before you really need to upgrade.

For reference, here's my current graphics card.

SNAN Power Inverter Review

For $20 this is a nice, quiet power inverter that does exactly what it says it does: provide you with two USB outlets and 1 120V AC outlet in a very small and easy to use package.

The only downside to this is the lack of any power switch to turn the inverter off without having to unplug it.

Thumps up!

Click here to view the SNAN Power Inverter